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Private label’s market share reaches all-time highs in 9 European countries

AMSTERDAM — 21 June 2017 — The popularity of private label keeps growing across Europe. The latest Nielsen data shows that market share for retailer brands has climbed to all-time highs in 9 European countries and for the first time stands at 30% or above in 15 of the 20 countries tracked for PLMA’s International Private Label Yearbook.

The 2017 Yearbook statistics reveal that private label’s market share reached all-time highs in Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The biggest market share increases were posted in Austria, up 2.8 points to 43%, followed by Germany, up 2.1 points to 45% and Poland, up 1.4 points to 30%. Seven countries now have market shares of 40% or higher: United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

Brian Sharoff, President of PLMA, says, “The latest Nielsen statistics reveal clearly that 2016 was another good year for retailer brands in Europe. This continues a long-term trend which shows that private label’s success isn’t tied to economic cycles but reflects the growing confidence shoppers have in retailer brands.”

Market share in the United Kingdom stayed above 45% and appears ready to resume growth as supermarkets expand their private label programmes to combat the competitive challenge from discounters. In France, private label penetration remained over 30% for the thirteenth consecutive year.

In the northern countries, both Belgium and the Netherlands reached new market share highs. All of the Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Norway and Sweden - posted increases.  For the first time, private label penetration for all of the Scandinavian countries stands at 30% or above.

Poland led the way among the Central and Eastern European countries, climbing more than one point to cross over the 30% market share mark. Hungary stayed steady at 34%, while Czech Republic and Slovakia remained over 30%.

Among the Mediterranean countries, market share in Italy climbed for the fifth consecutive year, posting its biggest increase since 2012. Private label penetration is expected to increase as Aldi enters the market and Lidl looks to add more stores there. Greece and Turkey stayed above 20%.

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Wine shoppers are finding quality in the grocery aisle

AMSTERDAM — 14 June 2017 — Wine lovers no longer have to leave their favourite supermarket, hypermarket or discounter to discover the best wines to buy. Retailers are introducing a variety of outstanding wines under their own brands and more and more shoppers across Europe are putting them into their baskets.

In the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain it is estimated that around 70% of wines are now purchased at the supermarket and the retailers’ private label is scoring high for both quality and value.

This was clearly demonstrated at the Private Label Manufacturers Association’s 2017 International Salute to Excellence Wine Awards, which were announced here in May during the Association’s annual trade show. There were 48 Salute to Excellence Award winning wines from 13 countries covering 22 red and white categories ranging from Bordeaux to Rioja, from Chardonnay to Grüner Veltliner, from Champagne to Prosecco, and many others, too.

Three panels, with a total of 20 judges, evaluated nearly 300 wines. The panels included Masters of Wine, sommeliers, wine professionals and journalists as well as manufacturing executives. Each panel was led by a wine expert. Panel 1 was led by Cees van Casteren MW of The Netherlands who has written ten books and more than 500 articles on wine and food. Panel 2 was led by Beverly Blanning MW, a London-based independent wine journalist and author. Panel 3 was led by Michel Polderman of The Netherlands, who was formerly in charge of wine purchasing at Albert Heijn.

Wines were judged on the basis of traditional criteria such as colour, nose, and taste. Wines selected for the judging were either submitted by retailers or purchased off the shelves at stores. Awards were given for best quality and best value in 22 wine categories covering red, white, sparkling and rosé. Awards were also given in a category called Special Selection for wines that were not in the main categories.

Many of Europe’s leading supermarkets and hypermarkets came away with Awards for their private label wines: Albert Heijn, ASDA, Auchan, Billa, Carrefour, Casino, Colruyt, Conad, Coop Switzerland, Despar, Edeka, Eroski, Intermarché, Morrisons, Sonae and Tesco.

Outside Europe, wines from Whole Foods Market in the US, Metro Brands in Canada and Central Food Retail in Thailand won Salute to Excellence Awards.

The big winner was Aldi. With more than 10,000 stores in 19 countries, it has emphasized its wines for several years. Aldi UK won six awards, and Aldi Süd in Germany won four.

Among other retailers, ASDA won five Awards and Auchan won four Awards. Lidl in Germany won four Awards for its wines.

Commenting on the competition, Brian Sharoff, President of PLMA, said: The penetration of private label wine has climbed rapidly in recent years and has reached more than 50% in some European markets. This year’s Salute to Excellence Wine Awards is meant to give recognition to retailers who are often overlooked even though they are the main seller of wines.

The wine panels were part of PLMA’s annual International Salute to Excellence Awards, in which retailers submit new and innovative private label products for industry recognition. These included food, wine, home and health products from 83 retailers in 27 countries were considered for awards.

To download the complete listing of wine categories and winning retailers, click here.

For further information about PLMA’s wine awards or to arrange an interview with Mr. Sharoff, contact Leonique White at PLMA. Telephone +31 205753032 or email

39 retailers from 19 countries honoured at PLMA’s 2017 Salute to Excellence Awards

AMSTERDAM — 23 May 2017 — Innovation by retailers with their private label takes the spotlight at PLMA’s 2017 International Salute to Excellence Awards programme. The Award winning products were on display at the association’s “World of Private Label” International Trade Show, in May in Amsterdam.

More than 100 award-winning products from 39 retailers in 19 countries were selected by panels of judges consisting of industry experts, including chefs, masters of wine, former retailers, academics, nutritionists, journalists and packaging specialists.

Nearly 700 food and non-food products by 83 retailers from 27 countries were considered for the Awards. Entries were evaluated for taste, appearance, packaging, presentation, product concept, and value for money.

The most Awards were taken by the Spanish retailer Eroski, which was recognised for 11 products,five foods, three non-foods and three wines. Aldi UK won eight Awards, including six for its wines. Aldi in Germany won five and Lidl won six Awards. The French retailer Auchan won eight awards.

The food Award winners featured remarkable flavour combinations, such as coconut-chia yoghurt with muesli from Spar Austria, or roasted poultry in foie gras with figs from Intermarché. In non-foods, Award winners included beauty items such as a silicon makeup brush cleaner pad from Dirk Rossmann in Germany and household products like the original 2-in-1 aluminium foil and backing paper from Edeka in Germany.

More than 40 wines won Awards, including retailers from Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom and the USA.

All the winning products can be seen online at

Brian Sharoff, President of PLMA, said: “The innovation and quality of this year’s International Salute to Excellence Award winners demonstrate again that today’s retailers are committed to understanding consumer trends and responding with products that meet the changing needs of their shoppers.”

Trade show visitors could see all the International Salute to Excellence Award winning products on display at the Idea Supermarket. There they could also see private label ranges from more than 60 retailers around the world as well as a special information area featuring the latest developments in product ingredients.

There was more innovation on the Trade Show floor at PLMA’s “World of Private Label”. More than 14,000 buyers and visitors from 115 countries had the opportunity to visit nearly 2,500 exhibiting companies, manufacturers and suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods from 67 countries.