Online “World of Private Label”

1-4 December 2020

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


When is the show held?
The show is held from Tuesday 1 – Friday 4 December. Each show day is dedicated to specific product categories. Click here for the complete category show schedule.
Where is the show held?
The show is held online, on a dedicated PLMA website.
Who is exhibiting?
More than 1000 manufacturers from over 60 countries whose products are available for private label distribution. The same kind of companies that normally exhibit in Amsterdam each May.
Who is visiting?
Thousands of retail and wholesale buyers and other trade visitors from over 80 countries. The same kind of visitors that normally come to Amsterdam each May.
Which product categories are exhibited?
Divided over four category show days, products presented by PLMA’s online exhibitors will include fresh, frozen and refrigerated foods, dry grocery and beverages as well as non-food categories, including cosmetics, health and beauty, household and kitchen, auto aftercare, garden, and housewares & DIY. The same kind of products that are normally exhibited in Amsterdam each May. Click here for the complete category show schedule.
What are the opening hours of the show?
  • All category shows are open for 2 full days. Click here for the complete show schedule.
  • Each category show opens at 00:01 on the first category show day and closes at 23:59 on the second category show day. All times are GMT+1 (Central European Time).
  • Exhibitors will be staffing their online stands by logging in their exhibitor contacts from 09:00 – 18:00 (GMT+1). Only exhibitors whose contacts have logged in can receive video calls.
  • Exhibitors whose contacts have not logged in cannot receive video calls but can receive messages and virtual business cards from visitors.
Is the Online “World of Private Label” multilingual?
As the show will be welcoming participants from over 80 countries, the platform is presented in English only. All exhibitor contacts will be able to indicate the languages they speak in their profile so that visitors and exhibitors can connect in the language that best suits them.
What happens after 4 December?
At 23:59 on 4 December, the online stands of all exhibitors in all categories will be made accessible on PLMA’s Online “World of Private Label” platform. All stands will remain accessible to all registered buyers and visitors for continued sourcing until mid-April 2021, including messaging and virtual business card exchange possibilities. The video call functionality will not be available after 4 December.
How do I register?
In view of the proximity of the event and the high number of registrations received in recent days and weeks, exhibitor and visitor registration for the Online “World of Private Label” has been closed.
Is there a visitor registration fee?
  • Visitor registration for verified full-time employees of companies classified to fit within PLMA’s retail/wholesale category before the show is complimentary.
  • Manufacturers, distributors, trade suppliers, brokers, sales agents, consultants and other suppliers of goods or services are subject to a visitor registration fee of Euro 130 per registrant.
  • The classification of visitors is solely within the discretion of PLMA and in the event of any dispute, the decision of PLMA is controlling.


What equipment do I need to participate?
PLMA’s Online “World of Private Label” operates fully in-browser and only requires the following:
  • Desktop computer or laptop. The Online “World of Private Label” platform is mobile-friendly but, desktops and laptops provide the best viewing experience
  • Windows 7/8/10 or OS Yosemite, updated to their latest versions.
  • Intel Pentium core i4 processor or higher (or comparable) with SSE2 capability, minimum 4 GB RAM.
  • The platform is optimised for Google Chrome so this browser gives the best user experience. Alternatively, Microsoft Edge (updated to its latest version) may be used but Google Chrome has absolute preference for its integration of the Jitsi Meet video component. Google Chrome can be downloaded here.
  • Stable broadband internet connection using a fixed LAN cable. If no LAN connection is available then Wi-Fi will also work but users must then make sure to be near their strongest Wi-Fi router to optimise bandwidth, especially for video connectivity.
  • Webcam with microphone, minimum HD 720p (8 Megapixel).
  • Speakers or headset.

Important note: Participants must make sure that other video software such as Zoom, Teams etc. is not making use of their webcam, otherwise the video call functionality will not work.

What does an online stand look like?
The online stand is a full exhibitor webpage for each exhibitor in the Online “World of Private Label”, which holds all relevant exhibitor contact and product details, including: product pictures, product video links, extensive company and product information, as well as additional company or product downloads. In addition, there are buttons that will open up instant messaging or video connections with exhibitors. A visual of the online stand can be downloaded here.
How do visitors find exhibitors and products?
On Monday, 30 November, all registered visitors will be able to access the Show Preview of the Online “World of Private Label”. They will be able to ’walk the online show floor’ and build their own list of favourite exhibitors. To do so, they can select and sort by exhibitor company name and country, product category, type and description, and also add further filters such as organic, gluten-free, vegetarian etc. Once filtered, visitors will see a list of all exhibitors that match their selection, including all of their products. By marking exhibitors as favourites, visitors will be able to use their favourites list during show days to make their participation more time-efficient.
How does the video call functionality work?

When a visitor sees an exhibitor or products of interest, clicking on the exhibitor link will display the exhibitor’s online stand, holding all details set out in the previous caption but also the names, job titles and spoken languages of two exhibitor contacts. The visitor can send messages, exchange virtual business cards or start a live video call with those exhibitor contacts that are logged in. For video connectivity, PLMA has implemented video conferencing software Jitsi Meet. When the visitor clicks on the ’Video Call’ button of a specific exhibitor contact, a direct video connection using Jitsi Meet will be established, with two possible results:

1. The exhibitor contact is available and receives a notification of a new incoming call displaying the caller’s name and company name. The exhibitor contact only has to accept the call to start the video connection.

2. The exhibitor contact is already engaged in another call and receives a notification of a new incoming call displaying the caller’s name and company name. The exhibitor contact can accept the new call (which will disconnect the current call) or, decline the new call and send a short message to the caller such as ’I will call you back as soon as possible’.

What else should I know about the video call functionality?
  • All video calls are one-on-one. Regardless of the result of the call (accepted, occupied or declined), the exhibitor contact will be able to call back and/or send messages to the caller for the remaining duration of the category show.
  • There is no maximum duration of a video call.
  • During video calls, it is also possible to send written messages and attach files up to 20MB that are instantly downloadable for the video calling partner.
  • It is not necessary for exhibitors to sit and wait in front of the webcam all day. As long as they have the Online “World of Private Label” website open and remain logged in, they will receive a notification (sound and pop-up) of all incoming calls. Using Google Chrome will ensure that the pop-up appears on top of any other open programme.
How does PLMA guarantee data security to participants in the Online “World of Private Label”?

The software of the event is PLMA-developed and owned. The website of the event uses the latest technology in SSL certificates. Passwords are system-created and stored encrypted in the database. Only end users (participants) know their passwords and the only way to retrieve lost passwords is to reset them.

For the video call functionality, PLMA has implemented open source video software Jitsi Meet, which uses hop-by-hop encryption. Any data sent to the PLMA server is first encrypted, then decrypted on the server, re-encrypted and then sent to the intended recipient. This ensures maximum security to all participants.

The event is hosted on servers that are owned by PLMA only. Participants will have access to their own activity log but not to those of others. Stored data will not be shared with third parties but will remain at all times in possession of PLMA. PLMA has access to global data to provide participants with statistics relating to their participation but not to specific data. The data destruction policy in place states that all data may be retained for a maximum period of 1 year. After 1 year, or before when PLMA deems necessary, all personal and other data relating to the 2020 Online “World of Private Label” will be deleted.


I have a question that has not been answered above. What do I do?
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