Presentation Summaries

Unboxing the Future: The Evolution of Packaging Design in the Gen Z Era

How to connect with Gen Z consumers! Gain invaluable insights into Gen Z demographics, preferences, and behaviors, unlocking the keys to their digital-centric lifestyle and its impact on consumer choices.

Explore the vital role of packaging design in the digital age, serving as a seamless bridge between physical and digital brand experiences. Delve into the power of visual storytelling techniques, essential for capturing Gen Z's attention in today's crowded marketplace.

Discover how to leverage social media integration to foster user-generated content and social sharing through innovative packaging design. Learn from case studies and success stories of brands that have successfully captivated Gen Z audiences.

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into emerging trends in packaging design and technology, ensuring your brand resonates with Gen Z now and in the future.

Getting to Yes – a toolkit for mutual value creation

With product quality and performance rivaling renowned A-brands, a more cost-effective approach to market, and a growing demographic seeking affordable options amid inflationary pressures, private labels reign supreme.

Yet, maintaining this momentum in a stabilizing economy poses a challenge. How does one outpace competitors? How does a private label evolve from being merely transactional and low-cost, to becoming a strategic, value-adding retail brand?

Join Blueprint for a 50-minute workshop where Erik Aapkes – Managing Partner at Blueprint – will hand practical tools and insights to forge sustainable strategic partnerships in the realm of Private Label.


Private Labels: Transformation for Growth

The session examines the retailer led transformation of private label in Europe and beyond, its impact on category development and consumer behaviour; and opportunities for growth in 2024 and 2025.

Circana will also provide a forecast based on a proprietary model taking into account a robust set of factors defining CPG category development.

The session will be delivered by Ananda Roy who is SVP for Thought Leadership at Circana and a recognised CPG industry advisor for some of the world's largest brands and retailers.

Global Consumer Trends in 2024

Every year, Euromonitor releases the Global Consumer Trends, a white paper preparing industries for the main consumer behaviours and preferences to look for in the near future. In this presentation, we zoom into three trends that are specifically relevant to private-label consumers. Alongside them, we look at recent results from Euromonitor's Consumer and Industry surveys and explore some case studies that illustrate how innovation is supporting these trends.

PICNIC - The story of Picnic's own brand

The art of the affordable - The story of Picnic’s own brand. A Technology platform, connecting producers directly to consumers. It is a supermarket on wheels, Design for the home, not for the shelf -  an overview of Pinic’s design and packaging process.  

COOP ITALIAN FOOD - Coop Italia’s revolutionary approach to Private Label

Embark on a retail revolution with Coop Italian Food, an Italian cooperative supermarket chain. Hear how they doubled private label market share from 26% en route to an astonishing 50% in just 4 years, while driving consumer loyalty. 

In 2021, Coop launched 10,000 SKUs, revamped strategy and tactics, and shattered old paradigms. Learn more about this dynamic exploration of real-world success, grounded in practical insights.